European high-performance low-power
microprocessor for AI inference and supercomputing

Our vision

Philippe Notton, CEO et fondateur de SiPearl, le concepteur du microprocesseur haute performance et basse consommation

Because major challenges for Europe in medical research, security, energy management or climate modelling require processing huge volumes of strategic data in a fraction of a second, SiPearl is building the high-performance low-power backdoor-free security microprocessor dedicated to AI inference and supercomputing.

We are thus contributing to the technological sovereignty of Europe in scientific, societal and environmental fields with a reduced carbon footprint.

Philippe Notton
CEO and Founder


The European high-performance low-power microprocessor dedicated to AI inference and supercomputing

high performance microprocessor
Energy efficient microprocessor
Flexibility microprocessor
back-door free security microprocessor
Microprocessor sovereign

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    Our news

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    CES 2024

    January 9-12, 2024

    SiPearl attended CES, the most powerful tech event in the world, in Las Vegas. Thank you for visiting us at our booth 62857.

    Web Summit 2023

    November 13-16, 2023

    Invited on the EIC EIB booth at the Web Summit, Philippe Notton highlighted the EU strategy through EIC fund to finance deeptech startups like SiPearl.


    November 17, 2023

    During the first edition of ai-PULSE, organized by Scaleway, Philippe Notton shared his expertise about Next-Gen AI hardware.

    DVCon Europe

    November 14-15 2023

    At the opening of the 10th anniversary edition of the DVCon Europe, Philippe Notton gave a speech about “Energy-efficient High Performance Compute, at the heart of Europe”.

    SuperComputing 23

    November 12-17, 2023

    The SiPearl team was at the SuperComputing in Denver. Thank you all for coming to visit us booth #2229.

    White paper SiPearl

    White Paper
    Control Flow Integrity

    October 2023

    (in English) SiPearl has published its first white paper on “Anti-Malware active protection on Arm64 Systems”.