SiPearl is building the microprocessor
that will power exascale supercomputers

Our vision

Philippe Notton, CEO et fondateur de SiPearl, le concepteur du microprocesseur haute performance et basse consommation

Because meeting strategic challenges for Europe in medical research, climate change mitigation or energy management requires processing huge volumes of sensitive data in a fraction of a second, SiPearl is developing the high-performance, low-power and backdoor-free security microprocessor that will be at the heart of European supercomputers.

We are thus contributing to Europe’s technological sovereignty.

Philippe Notton
CEO and Founder

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    Atos BullSequana Rhea

    Launch by Atos
    of the BullSequana XH3000

    February 16, 2022

    (only in English) At the launch of the BullSequana XH3000, Philippe Notton presents Rhea, the low-power microprocessor dedicated to HPC.

    SiPearl partnership Intel Jeff McVeigh Philippe Notton

    SuperComputing 21
    SiPearl-Intel Partnership

    November 14-19, 2021

    During the presentation by Jeff McVeigh, Vice President of Intel, Philippe Notton recalled the advantages of this technological partnership.

    SiPearl BFM Business

    BFM Business
    Philippe Notton

    September 9, 2021

    (only in French) Guest of Lorraine Goumot in Good Morning Business, Philippe Notton explains his strategy and his ambitions for SiPearl.

    HPC conference Philippe Notton