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Ian Jenks SiPearl Chairman of the Board

Ian Jenks
Chairman of the Board

5 October 2023

Currently Chairman and CEO of the US listed company SmartKem, Inc., Ian Jenks is appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors.


JUPITER exascale supercomputer
lead customer

5 October 2023

The first European exascale supercomputer will be fueled by Rhea1, the energy-efficient HPC-dedicated microprocessor.

Vivian Blanchard Vice President Hardware R&D

Vivian Blanchard
VP Hardware R&D

4 May 2023

He supports the growth of the hardware research & development team to finalize the design of the 1st generation microprocessor.

Initial closing of the Series A
with €90m

5 April 2023

Key industry partners (Arm, Eviden) as well as European and French public investors (EIB, EIC, France 2030) participate to this initial funding round.

Collaboration with AMD to address exascale supercomputing in Europe

14 November 2022

The two partners will provide a joint offering combining SiPearl’s HPC microprocessor, Rhea, with AMD’s Instinct™ accelerators.

Sebastien Kamphuis,
Chief Information Officer

25 October 2022

Previously with Engie, Capgemini and Bouygues Telecom, he has developed a deep experience in IT infrastructure service.

SiPearl Grenoble

SiPearl Grenoble on track
to increase its workforce

12 July 2022

[Only in French] En emménageant dans le quartier Europole, la société se rapproche également des écoles d’ingénieurs INP-Phelma, INP Ense3 et Polytech Grenoble.

EIC Fund SiPearl

SiPearl: 1st direct investment
by EIC Fund

14 June 2022

As a winner of the EIC Accelerator program last December, SiPearl is the 1st direct investment of the EIC Fund for €15 M and also €2.5 M of grants.

Strategic partnership
with HPE

30 May 2022

They partner to develop HPC solutions with European processors and accelerate Europe’s adoption of exascale supercomputers.

Collaboration with NVIDIA
for a joint offering

29 Mai 2022

The two partners will provide a joint offering combining SiPearl HPC microprocessors with NVIDIA accelerated computing and networking portfolio.

More than
100 employees

17 May 2022

The company currently employs 104 microelectronics and software specialists. In order to reach its objective of 1,000 employees in 2025, it is stepping up its recruitment strategy.

Nomination Pierre Marchal Chief Financial Officer

Pierre Marchal,
Chief Financial Officer

28 April 2022

Previously with Saint-Gobain, where he spent most of his career, then with Keolis and SNCF, he distinguished himself in financial and international positions to support the growth.

SiPearl awarded a €17.5m funding from EIC Accelerator

16 December 2021

This funding (€2.5m grant and up to €15m in equity investments subscribed by EIC Fund) will support the development and scale-up of SiPearl future-generation microprocessor.

Collaboration with Intel
to accelerate exascale in Europe

27 October 2021

This partnership will offer European customers the possibility to combine SiPearl’s CPU Rhea with Intel’s GPU Ponte Vecchio making a high-performance compute node.

Press release Marie-Anne Garigue joins SiPearl as Head of Communications

Marie-Anne Garigue,
Head of Communications

21 October 2021

(In French) Within the agency Mag and co, she had advised Philippe Notton, CEO and founder of SiPearl, for his media and public relations since the launch of the company.

Communiqué de presse SiPearl : ouverture bureau à Grenoble

Grenoble: 50 engineers
by the end of 2022

28 September 2021

SiPearl is targeting senior and junior engineering positions in microprocessor design, including engineers for digital design, verification, layout, DFT, process and production.

SiPearl Press release nomination Laure Perfetti

Laure Perfetti,
Head of Human Ressources

7 September 2021

Laure’s career to date has been with STMicroelectronics. Prior joining SiPearl, she was Human Resources Business Partner in the microcontrollers and digital ICs group.

Ouverture Sophia-Antipolis SiPearl

4th opening in Europe

27 July 2021

(In French) SiPearl, which recently launched its recruitment strategy, is continuing to open sites in the heart of semiconductor technology and high-performance computing skill pools.

SiPearl Press release nomination Jean Marc Denis

Jean-Marc Denis,
Chief Strategy Officer

6 July 2021

Previously, he was Head of Strategy, Big Data and Security within the Atos group. As such, he chaired the European Processor Initiative (EPI) consortium from which SiPearl was born.

Communiqué de presse SiPearl nomination Anna Riverola

Anna Riverola,
Spain Country Manager

22 June 2021

SiPearl has chosen Barcelona in order to be closer to its partners in Southern Europe, including the Barcelona Supercomputing Center where Anna Riverola was previously Strategic Project Manager.

Strategic partnership
with Graphcore

15 June 2021

Under the terms of the agreement, SiPearl and Graphcore will develop integrated hardware and software solutions that will combine the best of their respective technologies.

Communiqué de presse SiPearl : recrutement

Launch of the recruitment

27 April 2021

With a view to reaching 1,000 staff by 2025, SiPearl initially aims to recruit 10 engineers every month. The company is committed to promoting diversity.

Simulation using
Siemens’ Veloce platform

11 March 2021

While the architecture definition of its high-performance microprocessor Rhea has been approved, SiPearl has passed a key milestone by moving into an accelerated simulation phase.

with Open-Silicon Research

23 February 2021

SiPearl will rely on Open-Silicon Research’s expertise in deep-submicron physical design implementation, advanced 2.5D packaging and global supply chain management of Rhea.

SiPearl joins
ETP4HPC think-tank

22 December 2020

SiPearl has become a member of the ETP4HPC think-tank, whose mission is to develop the competitiveness of European technologies for high performance computing.

SiPearl joins
the CXLTM consortium

22 October 2020

SiPearl has joined the consortium, whose founding members are Alibaba, Cisco, Dell EMC, Facebook, Google, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Huawei, Intel and Microsoft.

SiPearl, guest speaker
at the TSMC forum

30 July 2020

Ying-Chih Yang, Craig Prunty and Dr Selma Laabidi, Arm Product Expert, had led a conference on “Accelerating HPC market adoption with Arm Neoverse POPTM IP”.

Frédéric Hannoyer,
Chief Operating Officer

2 July 2020

Previously, this electronics and semiconductor industry executive headed design and R&D services activities for Eolane and its dedicated product division for IoT.

Craig Prunty,
VP Marketing & Development

9 June 2020

Previously, this business development and product marketing expert in the global HPC market was Marketing Director for Marvell Semiconductor’s server processors business unit.

1st subsidiary
in Germany

26 May 2020

Currently a dedicated R&D centre, the subsidiary headed by Frank Gorris will also become a regional hub providing support for connected mobility and HPC applications.

Major license agreement
with Arm

21 April 2020

SiPearl has signed a licensing agreement with Arm, the global semiconductor IP provider, in which SiPearl will use the high-performance, secure, and scalable Arm Neoverse platform.

Ying-Chih Yang,
Chief Technical Officer

9 March 2020

Prior joining SiPearl, he was Global Architect with Atos from July 2018, in charge of the design of the high-performance architecture for the future European microprocessor.

Launch with €6.2m
of European funding


11 February 2020

SiPearl has been awarded €6.2m of support from Europe under the Horizon 2020 programme. These funds are enabling the company to launch its development with solid foundations in place.

Operational launch
of SiPearl

21 January 2020

Created by Philippe Notton, SiPearl is designing and bringing to market the high-performance, low-power microprocessor for the European exascale supercomputer.

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    Operational launch of SiPearl

    21 January 2020

    Created by Philippe Notton, SiPearl is designing and bringing to market the high-performance, low-power microprocessor for the European exascale supercomputer.