Our microprocessor
will contribute to the technological sovereignty of Europe.

SiPearl in a nutshell

SiPearl is developing the high-performance, low-power microprocessor that will be the heart of European supercomputers essential to Europe’s technological sovereignty in strategic areas such as artificial intelligence, medical research, climate change mitigation, energy management.

SiPearl European microprocessor

SiPearl, designing the European microprocessor

Created by Philippe Notton in June 2019, SiPearl is the company bringing to life the European Processor Initiative (EPI) project. The top objective of the EPI is to foster the deployment in Europe of high-performance and low-power microprocessor technologies. Privately held, SiPearl is supported by the European Union. It is established in France, Germany and Spain.

SiPearl is designing and will bring to market the European microprocessor that will help Europe’s supercomputers to achieve exascale(*) power. It works to through close collaboration with its 27 partners from the EPI consortium  – scientific community, supercomputing centres and leading names from the IT, electronics and automotive sectors – which are its stakeholders, future clients and end-users.

(*) : One billion billion calculations per second.


Collaboration with AMD
for exascale supercomputing in Europe

SiPearl is collaborating with AMD to provide a joint offering for exascale supercomputing systems, combining SiPearl’s energy-efficient HPC microprocessor, Rhea, with AMD Instinct™ accelerators.

The two partners will build an optimized software solution that would strengthen the capabilities of a SiPearl microprocessor combined with an AMD InstinctTM accelerator.

Our ecosystem

They support us

Since its operational launch in January 2020, SiPearl has been financially supported by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 program. In December 2021, SiPearl was awarded the Accelerator program of the European Innovation Council (EIC) for a total of €17.5 M: €2.5 M in subsidies and €15 M investment by the EIC Fund.

Among our technological partnerships

SiPearl has established key partnerships with leading IP providers. Our company is the only European licensee to use ARM Neoverse V1 platform andbenefits from ARM robust software ecosystem. This partnership with the global semiconductor IP provider accelerates the design of a very high-end offering in terms of both computing power and energy efficiency.

SiPearl also selected Siemens Digital Industries Software for its Veloce Strato emulation platform, Ansys for validation of semiconductor power integrity and minimization of power consumption, Synopsys…

Manufacturing will initially be entrusted to the Taiwanese TSMC, first independant semiconductor foundry for an etching 6nm or better.

Our partners
in the HPC ecosystem

SiPearl has entered into partnerships with leading manufacturers:

  • Atos, No.1 supercomputer manufacturer in Europe
  • and HPE, the global leader.

To best meet the expectations of its end-users, SiPearl collaborates with:

  • AMD for its Instinct™ accelerators;
  • Graphcore for its Intelligence Processor Unit (IPU);
  • Intel for Ponte Vecchio GPU family;
  • and NVIDIA for its accelerated computing and networking portfolio.

Corporate organizations
we belong to

SiPearl is one of the 28 members of the EPI consortium, alongside research institutes, supercomputing centers, and computing, electronics and automotive industrials who are its stakeholders, future customers and end users.

SiPearl is also a member of the European Mont-Blanc project, the PlayFrance.Digital collective, the professional association GIM, the public-private initiative ANRT.

Our membership
to technology organizations

SiPearl is a member of many technology consortiums.

Notably, the company is part of the ETP4HPC think tank dedicated to research and innovation in European high performance computing to further Europe’s competitiveness. It is also a member of Teratec, the European competence center for high-performance digital simulation.

Our commitment
to sustainable growth

By giving Europe the means for early detection of diseases, to fight climate change more effectively, to produce better quality goods and services, the high-performance, low-power microprocessors developed by SiPearl will bring important environmental, social and societal benefits.

SiPearl’s progressive approach to sustainable growth includes promoting diversity in recruitment and taking steps to minimize the impact of its activities on the environment (hosting green servers at Ikoula, opening offices close to labor pools, limiting paper consumption).

SiPearl is committed to furthering its strategies for sustainable growth. More to follow.