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The microprocessor that the SiPearl team is developing will make it possible to process an exponential amounts of confidential data in a fraction of a second in areas that are strategic for European citizens, scientists and businesses, including: artificial intelligence, medical research, the fight against change climate, energy management.

Careers microprocessor SiPearl

An elite team

To develop a world-class European microprocessor, we recruit a mix of new graduates and confirmed industry experts.

In order to atract the best talent, SiPearl has opened sites in the European regions reputed for microprocessor and high-performance computing technologies. To promote the company, our ambassadors are present at major economic events and job forums at engineering schools such as the French Fab Tour, Grenoble INP-Phelma, and UGA.


one of our strengths

Convinced that the diversity of the teams is one of our strengths, we strive to recruit employees with varied profiles, experiences, cultures and nationalities.

There are 12 nationalities at SiPearl.

Working at SiPearl in Duisburg
Team at work

SiPearl : the best global microprocessor technologies

Whether senior or junior engineers; whether specializing in embedded firmware, microelectronics design, virtual prototyping, modeling & simulation or software development, the SiPearl team works with the best of global microprocessor technologies: multi-core architecture, Neoverse® V1 platform from industry leader ARM, oneAPI programming interface created by Intel, 6nm fabrication process,…

What do they think?

Nouhaila Ait Ali SiPearl

 After studying electronics engineering at Grenoble INP-Phelma, I was hired by Nokia as an RTL designer in 2019. I took an interest in microprocessors in an internship during my graduation project, but there are few companies in Europe in this sector apart from Arm and now SiPearl. Nokia’s decision to downsize a large portion of their French workforce was an opportunity for me to find a job that I really like. At SiPearl, I work on emulation for performance evaluation of the microprocessor that we are designing. It is cross-functional work which affords me a complete vision of the project whereas in general, in these professions, we are typically focused on a single area. It’s very rewarding and I’m learning a lot.

Nouhaïla Ait-Ali,
System on Chip Engineer


Our locations

Today with 6 sites across France, Germany and Spain, SiPearl offers its employees a pleasant and stimulating work environment in varied locations with a good quality of life: in the city, near the mountains or near the sea.

Adresse SiPearl  Maisons-Laffitte (headquarters)


working at SiPearl Maisons-Laffitte

Adresse SiPearl  Duisburg


SiPearl Duisburg

Adresse SiPearl  Barcelona


Working at SiPearl in Barcelona

Adresse SiPearl  Sophia-Antipolis


Working at SiPearl Sophia Antipolis

Adresse SiPearl  Grenoble


Working in SiPearl Grenoble

Adresse SiPearl  Massy


SiPearl Massy