Philippe Notton

CEO & founder

Passionate about high technology and fast-moving environments, Philippe Notton has worked in France, the UK and the US for market-leading groups (Thomson, Canal+, LSI Logic, STMicroelectronics, Atos), as well as a successful startup, MStar Semiconductor, sold to MediaTek in 2012 for US$4B.

His original vision of SiPearl came in 2015 while he was leading a division of 2400 engineers at STMicroelectronics. In 2017, Philippe joined Atos to set up the European Processor Initiative (EPI) consortium, which aimed to foster the return of high-performance microprocessor design to Europe. In June 2019, he launched SiPearl as a spin-off of the EPI with the support of the European Union.

Philippe holds a engineering degree from Supélec and an Executive MBA from Essec and Manheim.

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